Dogtra Bird Launcher Transmitter


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The Dogtra Bird Launcher Transmitter features the most advanced technology to help sharpen your dog’s skills for upland hunting, retriever work, or for competitions. The Dogtra Bird Launcher Transmitter is designed to operate the Dogtra PL and QL Launchers for upland training.

  • Multiple receivers: one transmitter can control up to 8 receivers which can control up to 16 launcher baskets
  • Multiple sound modes: the receiver emits a duck call and beep sound
  • Range: effective within one mile
  • Quiet launch: prevents dogs from being startled by a loud release noise
  • Waterproof: the handheld transmitter is fully waterproof (receiver is water resistant)
  • Multi-colored LED: 3 types of LED colors show the remaining battery life
  • Transmitter Only
  • Optional Dogtra Automobile 12V Charger
  • Optional Dogtra Wall Charger



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