DT Systems BL 709 Bird Launcher, Duck, Pheasant, With Transmitter

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The BL 709 Bird Launcher is a must for those who are looking to simulate real hunting situations in a controlled environment.  Loaded with features, like an Easy-Load trap door and a transmitter capable of controlling up to 16 launchers, the BL series Bird Launcher is an effective and essential tool in your dog’s training program.  BL 709 Bird Launcher System comes with receiver, transmitter and bird launcher.

Series Overview

BL series bird launchers have a patent pending Easy-Load™ trap door that lets you load and unload single or multiple birds safely and easily. A Quiet-Release™ system helps prevent “spooking” your dog. Large scent holes create a natural flow of bird scent in the air. Remote launchers have a 700 yard range and a transmitter that can control 16 different launchers. A remote-activated beeper helps you locate each launcher after training sessions. Launchers are available in a small size for quail/pigeon size birds or a large size for pheasant/duck size birds.

Additional Features

  • Digital technology
  • Transmitter controls up to 16 Remote Launchers
  • 700 yard range
  • Weather resistant Transmitter and Receiver unit
  • Transmitter and Receiver use regular 9-volt batteries (not included)
  • Power-Save Mode on Remote Receiver
  • Beeper Locator on Launcher makes it easy to find

Read more about the product features of the BL 709 in the Owner’s Manual.

  • Model: BL709
  • Manufactured by: DT Systems
  • Easy-Load Trap Door for safe and easy loading of birds
  • Trap Door allows loading of multiple birds and unloading of unused birds
  • Quiet-Release prevents “spooking” your dog
  • High quality nets/springs for effective launching and durability
  • Large scent holes – Up to 700 yard remote range
  • Remote Transmitter can control up to 16 different launchers
  • Add-On remote launchers are easy to program to transmitter
  • Beeper/Locator on remote receiver make them easy to find
  • BL 500 series good for quail/pigeon size birds