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DT Systems Master Retriever 1100 System in Mossy Oak™ Blades™ Camo 1100 Yard Range

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Earn $6.00 in Front Range Cash

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The DT Systems Master Retriever 1100 System in Mossy Oak™ Blades™ is Dependable and Tough.  Built with rugged durability in mind for those long days in the marsh, and outfitted with Mossy Oak™ Blades™ camo, the DT Master Retriever 1100 is ready for the field.  Features 100% WATERPROOF Collar & Transmitter, 1,100 yard range, 16 levels of e-Stim, Vibration Assist mode, compact and lightweight design to handle anything you and your dog can dish out.  Expandable to a 2 or 3 dog system.

Adjusting and Positioning Your Collar for Proper Fit

All electronic collars need to be very snug to work properly. They must be just tight enough to allow the “prongs” or electrodes to make good skin contact.

  • If your collar is too loose, the stimulation may not work properly because good skin contact is not being achieved. This can directly affect the stimulation performance and whether or not the dog will receive the stimulation. Always check for good “prong” contact if it appears that your dog is not responding to the stimulation.
  • A loose collar can promote skin irritation from moving or rubbing too much on a dog’s neck while they are running or training. The proper snug fit will help prevent this from occurring.
  • Proper fit of the collar is important. It should be just tight enough on the dog’s neck to make good skin contact and allow the dog to breath normally. The collar should never be so tight on the dog’s neck that it restricts the dog’s normal breathing pattern.
  • For proper positioning of your collar receiver box, it should be placed on the center of the dog’s neck.

Learn more about the DT Systems Master Retriever 1100 System product features in the Owner’s Manual.

Learn more about the Master Retriever 1100 ADD-ON Collars required to make a multi dog DT Systems Master Retriever 1100 System.

  • Model: MR1100
  • Manufactured by: DT Systems

  • Exclusive Mossy Oak™ BLADES™ Full camo coverage on dog receiver and transmitter/handheld
  • 1100 Yard Range with compact antenna technology
  • MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Collar Antenna System
  • Fully Waterproof transmitter/handheld
  • Transmitter/handheld takes standard user-replaceable 9-volt battery (not included)
  • 16 intensity levels of Gentle Touch™ Nick and Continuous e-Stim
  • Vibration Assist™ (No Shock Vibration training stimulus)
  • Built in Magnetic ON/OFF system
  • Compact, lightweight, 100% waterproof collar is fully rechargeable
  • Collar adjusts from 7” to 22” in ½” increments & weighs only 4.7oz
  • Expandable to 2-dog or 3-dog system (with purchase of additional collar/receivers, sold separately)
  • Easy turn dial is crucial when operating in multi-dog mode
  • Add on collars available (Orange or Green collar choice)
  • PREMIUM DT Systems Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Transmitter with Compact Antenna and Lanyard (9V battery not included)
  • Collar with Rechargeable NiMH Battery (already installed)
  • Battery Charger
  • Test Light
  • Owner’s Manual and Training Manual