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DT Systems SPT 2420 System 3.2 Mile Range

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Earn $11.40 in Front Range Cash

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DT Systems SPT 2420 System 3.2 Mile Range includes Nick, Contstant, Jump and Rise Stimulation options, a Positive Vibration and Waterproof collar & Transmitter with 3.2 mile range.

The DT Systems SPT 2420 System Super Pro e-Lite Trainer series is new and improved! With awesome ground-breaking features, it’s no wonder the SPT series collars are what the pros depend on. Jump. Rise. Two words that will revolutionize the dog training industry, and only available in the new DT electronic dog training collars. When your dog is not responding to the normal intensity setting, Jump Stimulation is preprogrammed to make the collar instantly “jump” to a different intensity level when the Jump button is pressed. Rise Stimulation will gradually increase the intensity level as long as the Rise button is being pressed.

Adjusting and Positioning Your Collar for Proper Fit

All electronic collars need to be very snug to work properly. They must be just tight enough to allow the “prongs” or electrodes to make good skin contact.

  • If your collar is too loose, the stimulation may not work properly because good skin contact is not being achieved. This can directly affect the stimulation performance and whether or not the dog will receive the stimulation. Always check for good “prong” contact if it appears that your dog is not responding to the stimulation.
  • A loose collar can promote skin irritation from moving or rubbing too much on a dog’s neck while they are running or training. The proper snug fit will help prevent this from occurring.
  • Proper fit of the collar is important. It should be just tight enough on the dog’s neck to make good skin contact and allow the dog to breath normally. The collar should never be so tight on the dog’s neck that it restricts the dog’s normal breathing pattern.
  • For proper positioning of your collar receiver box, it should be placed on the center of the dog’s neck.

Intensity Level

The first and most important step in training your dog with your DT Systems SPT 2420 System is the determination of the correct Intensity Level to provide the proper training stimulation without over stimulating your dog.

To do this, place the collar ON and place it on the dog’s neck. Press the Intensity Level Adjustment Down button until the LCD display shows that the system is set on level:

  1. Press either the “NICK” or the “STIMU.” button. Increase the Intensity Level in increments of just one or two until the dog feels the stimulation. You should be able to tell when the dog is feeling the stimulation by a twitch of the ear, a confused look, etc. At this point increase the Intensity Level by three. This should be your dog’s ideal training level. (Note: Some dog’s may require more or less stimulation depending upon their individual nature or size.)

Setting the Intensity Level

All SPT collars have 50 available intensity levels with 1 being the lowest and 50 the highest. The current Intensity Level is conveniently shown on the LCD Display. To change intensity levels at any time, simply press the Up or Down Intensity Level Adjustment buttons (on the right of the transmitter). You can change the level one step at a time by quickly tapping one of the buttons, or you can rapidly change levels by holding down a button.

Using the Rise Stimulation

The Rise function will gradually increase stimulation from your current intensity level to the maximum intensity level (level 50) while the “RISE” button is being pressed. Theintensity level will return to its original setting when the button is released.

Setting the Jump Level

  1. Press and hold both the “JUMP” button and one of the Intensity Level Buttons at the same time (“Intensity Up” button for increase, “Intensity Down” button for decrease).
  2. Release only the Intensity Level button when approximate desired Intensity Level is met. Keep the “JUMP” button depressed.
  3. With the Jump button still depressed, you can now tap the Up or Down Intensity Level button to fine tune the level desired.
  4. Like the Rise stimulation, the intensity level will return to its original setting after the Jump feature has been used.

Learn more about the product features of the DT Systems SPT 2420 System in the Owner’s Manual.

See the DT Systems SPT 2422 for the 2 dog model.

  • Model: SPT2420
  • Manufactured by: DT Systems
  • 3.2 mile range
  • 50 intensity levels of Nick and Continuous stimulations adjusted from the Transmitter
  • LCD Screen on Transmitter
  • Digital Technology to Maximize Power
  • MAXX-Range™ Internal Collar Antenna System
  • Extra mild Gentle Touch™ Stimulation System
  • Built-In Safety Shut-Off
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery System
  • Completely Waterproof Collars with fully adjustable buckle to fit dogs necks from 8″ to 25″
  • Vibration Assist, Jump Stimulation, and Vibration + Stimulation (V+S)
  • Transmitter
  • Collar receiver with black collar
  • 4” antenna for the transmitter
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries in the collar(s) and the transmitter
  • Battery charger
  • Splitter jack cable for simultaneous charging
  • Test light
  • Owner’s manual
  • Carrying case