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DT Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher RDL 1209

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Earn $12.00 in Front Range Cash

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The DT Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher RDL 1209 is the latest in Remote Dummy Launching – making retriever training easier and more productive!

Through extensive field research, with feedback from our top Pro retriever Trainers and working retriever owners all around the country, D.T. Systems has created a remote training aid that will make retriever training easier, more productive, and result in a more well rounded working dog in the field, on hunt tests, and in trials.

The new RDL 1209 incorporates D.T.’s Super Pro hand-held Dummy Launcher unit (a long-standing leader in the field) and pairs it with a small, compact, portable, and lightweight remote launching system. Now trainers have the ability to launch dummies from a remote location from up to 1,200 yards away!

The system will handle up to 16 launchers programmable to one hand-held transmitter – perfect for setting up blind retrieves, multiple retrieves, or setting a course for hunt tests or field trials!

The aluminum frame and compact folding design aid in the lightweight design (less than 7 lbs per complete unit). And the portability is amazing for super ease of use in the field.

The remote unit features a red blinking on/off LED indicator light as well as a locator/beeper to aid in finding a unit in the field or to help as a training aid.

It operates with the same .22 caliber blank firing method as the hand-held version that has become famous. The .22 blank cartridges can launch a dummy or bumper up to 100 yards for efficient, and effective retriever training in the field. And the RDL 1209 utilizes many of the same patented features that have made DT’s Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher a long-time winner….Dual port Exhaust for maximum range and reduced recoil with any given load, Solid Aluminum and Stainless steel construction, self-contained firing pin mechanism for long life, and convenient shell loading and extraction system.

The RDL 1209 offers the launching device, one white launcher dummy, the folding aluminum base/launcher mount, and all of the electronics (hand-held and receiver) that you need to operate one launcher.

Need additional remote launchers? Check out the RDL 1205.

If you have been looking for a compact, lightweight, and portable REMOTE retriever training aid, look no further than the DT Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher. The result of over 30 years of experience researching, producing, and field testing the best E-collars and dog training products in the business.

Quick Tips

  • Before You Go Out: Purchase and use only D.T. recommended power loads.

  • Be familiar with the operation of your RDL and test your unit ( see p.20-21 in the Owner’s Manual).

  • Make a checklist of needed items for your training session (RDL, dummy, transmitter, protective eyewear, hearing protection, power loads, batteries, etc.).

  • Make sure your dog is in proper condition for these training exercises.

  • At the Training Site: Find a large open area where the operation of your RDL will not be a disturbance to the public.

  • Always wear protective hearing/eye gear during use.

  • Make sure your dog is always under control when setting and loading the RDL. Keep your dog away from the RDL, especially when loaded.

  • Make sure your Remote Receiver unit is OFF and unloaded when training is complete.

  • Take everything from your checklist with you when leaving the training site (including empty shells).

  • After Your Training Session: Again, make sure the Remote Receiver is OFF (or remove the batteries if storing for an extended period).

To learn more about the DT Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher RDL 1209 read the Owner’s Manual.

  • Model: RDL1209
  • Manufactured by: DT Systems
  • Remotely launch dummies from any training area, field, woods, or water
  • Remote Dummy Launcher is programmable to include up to 16 units (for multiple launch set-ups)
  • Set the Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher up where you want, and launch from any location (up to 1,200 yards away)
  • Launcher uses .22 blank power loads
  • 3 different power levels for desired launch distances (Green=50 yards, Yellow=75 yards, Red=100 yards)
  • Remote Transmitter can control up to 16 different launchers at one time
  • Add-On remote launchers are easy to program to transmitter
  • Safe-T-Ratchet Cocking Mechanism to help prevent misfires while cocking unit
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design (weighs around 8 lbs total)
  • Rugged and durable construction (made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel) for years of trouble free use
  • Unit includes a beeper for easy location in the field, and as a location indicator prior to launch
  • Easily adjustable launch angle from 0 degrees to 75 degrees
  • Transmitter (Remote) has Cross-compatibility with D.T Bird Launchers