Beta Orange Round Slip Collar

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The Beta Orange Round Slip collar is a very effective and easy to use training tool.  This collar is a good alternative to traditional style choke chains and is strong enough to provide correction, yet soft to provide comfort. The slip collar is made with BioThane®  Beta PVC coated polyester rope, has a 3/8″ diameter and uses solid brass hardware.  This lead has a soft feel with the added benefits of being waterproof, odor resistant and cleans up easily with a damp sponge. The PVC coating over the high strength polyester core allows these leads to remain soft and flexible down to -20 degree temps.

The Beta Orange Round Slip collar will tighten when your dog pulls and will loosen when obeying correction.  This slip collar is used in conjunction with a snap lead.  See the Beta Orange Round Lead that is made from the same Beta material and uses the same brass hardware.

Beta Orange Round Collar Features

  • Beta material is soft and flexible down to -20 degree temps.
  • Beta will not form knots and become tangle prone.
  • Beta is waterproof, odor resistant and cleans up easily with a damp sponge.
  • Beta is a non porous material which resists the accumulation of mold and bacteria naturally found in the environment.
  • Includes Solid Brass Hardware.
  • Includes stopper to ensure collar does not become too loose.

Sizing Options

  • 22″ Beta Orange Round Slip Collar
  • 26″ Beta TufFlex Orange Round Slip Collar

Sizing Information

As a general rule, add 4″ to the size of your dogs neck to determine if the 22″ or 26″ is ideal for your dog.  For example: My 45 lb GSP measures 15″ neck size and easily fits into the 22″ K-9 Komfort TufFlex Orange Round Slip Collar.  If unsure, go with the 26″ as both sizes will be equally effective.

About BioThane®

BioThane® is an Ohio based company focused on coated webbing products that utilizes progressive engineering, research and development. Since 1977, BioThane® has established a leadership position in the coated webbing industry through best in class product innovation.