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The SAFE-T-STEPPER and SAFE-T-CAP create a unique product that allows you to easily climb fences built with T-Posts.

It’s like carrying around a portable gate on your hip!

A high-quality aluminum alloy step and a protective cap fit into a sturdy case that straps to your belt.  Together they allow you to ‘step over’ the fence with ease.


The dove falls on the other side of a barbed wire fence.  You find yourself crawling under and through fences when headed to that perfect spot.  And don’t you hate the feeling when you break that little clip that holds the wire in place? Strap a Safe-T-Stepper to your hunting vest to solve these problems.




It’s frustrating and irratating when someone else breaks a section of fence, but even more so when you do it. Keep a Safe-T-Stepper in the glove box and recommend (or require) that surveyors and hunters use one when on your land.

Protect yourself and your investment!




Gates are great. But let’s face it, a half-a-mile detour isn’t going to happen. Strap a Safe-T-Stepper to your pack and you’ve got a portable gate that won’t slow you down.
And tell your employer that preventing just one fence break or injury pays for the Safe-T-Stepper many times over!




Step 1
Attach the Safe-T-Stepper to the t-post. Make sure the post is securely installed and steady enough to hold your weight.  If the post is shakey, move down the fence line and try a different post.


Step 2
A properly attached stepper. The groove on the bottom of the step should be fully seated on the tab of the fence post.


Step 3
Attach the Safe-T-Cap to the top of the t-post. Occasionally the top of the post will be smashed or deformed too badly for the cap to fit.  In this case, move down the fence line and try a different post.


Step 4
A properly attached cap.


Step 5
Place one foot on the step and step up.


Step 6
Swing your leg over the fence.


Step 7
Place your foot on the other side of the step.


Step 8
Swing your other leg over the fence.


Step 9
And step down to the ground.


Product Information:

Safe-T-Stepper Details
Material: The Safe-T-Stepper is manufactured in the USA using aluminum alloy 713, a high strength alloy used where load carrying capacity and impact strength is desired.  

Strength: Delta Rigging & Tools was engaged in June 2015 to perform a break test.  They tested two different steppers from two different manufacturing runs. The first broke at 3,300 lbs and the second at 3,100 lbs.


  • Length – 8 in 
  • Width – 2.25 in
  • Thickness – 1 in


  • Step Only – 9.3 oz
  • Step + Case + Cap – 11.5 oz

Safe-T-Cap Details
The Safe-T-Cap is manufactured in the USA utilizing state-of-the-art 3-D printing technology.  The cap is a proprietary design that is large enough to fit most t-posts but small enough to fit on the step and in the case.  It is made with a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources that is strong yet safe for the environment.


  • Length – 2 in
  • Width – 1.75 in
  • Height – 2 in


  • 1 oz

Safe-T-Case Details
The Safe-T-Stepper Case is a custom, durable case designed to hold the Safe-T-Stepper and Safe-T-Cap.

Hook & Loop straps make it quick and easy to attach or detach from your pack or belt.

Break Test Information:









2 reviews for Safe T Stepper

  1. William Christiansen

    I love it! So much easier than crawling under. Also will pay for it’s self in pants. Very well made.

  2. 5 out of 5

    John Williams

    This thing is a lifesaver.

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