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Dogtra BP74T Transmitter Battery

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Earn $0.75 in Front Range Cash


Over time your Dogtra BP74T Transmitter Battery will need replacement.

Replacement battery for the following Dogtra Handheld Transmitters:

Transmitter Indicator Light (LED Window)

The transmitter LED indicator light is located near the Rheostat Intensity Dial. It will flash every 4 seconds when the transmitter has been turned on. The color of the light indicates the status of battery life. It flashes green when the battery is fully charged and turns to amber when the battery is at medium charge. It is acceptable to charge your unit even at medium charge without any damage incurred to your collar. When the transmitter indicator emits a blinking red light, the battery needs to be recharged. (Green = full charge, Amber = medium charge, Red = needs charge).

Transmitter Battery Charging Receptacle & Rubber Plug

Located on the backside of the transmitter, the charging receptacle is covered by a rubber plug. Insert one end of the battery charging cable into the receptacle to charge the Dogtra BP74T Transmitter Battery. After charging is completed, close the receptacle with its rubber plug to make sure dirt or water does not get inside.

  • Model: BP74T
  • Manufactured by: Dogtra