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Alpha 200i/300i Leather Holster

Earn $2.00 in Front Range Cash

Protect and secure your investment with this handcrafted English Bridle Leather Holster!

Proudly Made in the USA

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The Alpha 200i/300i Leather Holster is hand crafted in the USA from 8-10 oz. English Bridle Leather and is designed to work with the Garmin Alpha 200i transmitter and the Garmin Alpa 200 transmitter.  The Alpha 200i/300i Leather Holster is all about versatility with optional carabiner placement for carrying upside down or right-side up.  Additionally, the all around carrier has a belt loop built into the unit allowing it to hang-right side up or upside down. All mounting loops are secured with solid copper double cap rivets. The unit is secured within the carrier with a 1/2″ leather strap and a heavy duty solid brass roller buckle. To sum it up, this is one versatile holster.

The Alpha 200i/300i Leather Holster Features:

  • Designed to work with the Garmin Alpha 200/300/200i/300i transmitters
  • Full Access to touch screen and top 3 buttons
  • Clean die cut button openings allow easy side button function
  • Die cut opening for rear power port allows in holster charging
  • Optional placement of carabiner for carrying upside down or right-side up
  • A belt loop for carrying upside down or right side up on a belt or chest strap
  • Heavy duty strap and brass buckle for securing handheld unit inside of carrier
  • Rich brown english bridle leather
  • Sturdy copper colored aluminum carabiner
  • Solid copper double cap rivets
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Each Alpha 200i/300i Leather Holster is shaped on an actual Garmin Alpha 200i/300i transmitter for an exact fit
  • Dimensions: 6″ X 3″ X 2″
  • Weight: 3.5 onces

2 reviews for Alpha 200i/300i Leather Holster

  1. 4 out of 5

    Roger Bonin (verified owner)

    This is a review of the holster, not Front Range Gun Dog who shipped the item quickly!
    I purchased this holster made but TheSaddle Guy and I will say the it is well made, heavy duty and I think it will protect my 200i from wear and tear while I am in the field. I would gave given it five stars but there are a few things that weren’t quite right.
    1. The hole to push the on/off switch was misaligned.
    2. The opening on the side to access the 🆘 cover was to small to allow you to open the cover without twisting the case around on the device.
    3. The top of the case covered most of the three top buttons.
    4. The opening in the back to access the charging port was to small to be able to open the cover and install the charging cord.
    You may wonder why with these issues I still gave this holster “4” stars. It is exceptionally well made of heavy leather and I’m sure it will outlast the electronic device it is protecting. I took a very sharp knife and trimmed the openings to make them usable. There is still plenty of material left to maintain the integrity of the case and to protect the device. The only thing is the charging port opening. I can now open the cover but inserting the charging cord is VERY difficult with the case in place. I will just remove the case when it needs charged.
    Should you need to trim a $100 dollar case to make it work, I don’t think so and the guy that buys this thinking it will work right out of the box will be disappointed. BUT, this is by far the best case I could find to protect my device and be carried the way I want to carry it and not be made of Kydek.

    • Front Range Gun Dog

      Thanks for your review Roger. We have listened and made some significant changes to the Alpha 300/200 series leather holster. We have recently improved the overall fit of the holster providing greater clearance between the screen and top 3 action buttons. We have enlarged the overall screen cut out. Additionally, we have enlarged all button openings to improve action button/switch access. We have also enlarged the charge port opening on the rear of the holster. Please know that your feedback is not only welcomed, it is essential to make better products.

  2. Hunter Simpson (verified owner)

    This holster is perfect for the 300i Garmin Handheld! I soaked it in water for a few minutes and then put it on the handheld and it fits perfect! Definitely heavy duty and will protect my handheld out in the hunting field. I recommend this to anyone with the new handheld! If there’s any questions, just reach out to Don, his service was amazing and very professional. He’s the first person to call and answer my personal questions!

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