Garmin Upland Beeper Collar

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Locate your dog and/or determine if the dog is “on point” with the Garmin Upland Beeper Collar.

The Garmin Upland Beeper Collar is designed for and comes with a universal fit 3/4″ strap.  The Garmin Upland Beeper will not fit a 1″ strap.

Designed for the serious upland hunter and bird dog trainer, the Garmin Beeper Collar features 8 different hunt and/or point configurations that are easily changeable so you can manage multiple dogs at once.

Superior Audible Range
Incorporating the latest in electronic and sound technology, the sound carries farther.

Remote Operation
The Garmin Beeper sound can be remotely switched on or off (for running muted) using the beeper control button on the Delta Upland.  Additionally, the Garmin Upland Beeper can be remotely activated when paired with a Pro 550 transmitter (paired with a PT 10 dog collar).

Specific Models Compatible with Remote Operation:

  • Garmin Pro 550 when paired with a  PT 10 dog collar.
  • Delta Upland XC

Multiple Combinations of Hunt and Point Sounds
Choose from 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream) for a total of 8 possible combinations.

Super Lightweight and Compact
Weighing only 3 ounces (with battery installed), this unit is convenient and lightweight.

Completely waterproof

Simple Battery Replacement
The battery, a 3v CR123A, is simple to change by loosening one screw and removing the top cover from the beeper

Beeper Sounds

The Garmin Upland Beeper Collar can emit two sounds: a beep and a hawk scream. These sounds indicate your dog’s hunting and pointing status. While your dog is hunting, the beeper device emits a series of one to three beeps every four seconds. You can select the number of beeps in the series, which is useful to distinguish between multiple dogs. You can also disable this sound so that the beeper device is silent while your dog is hunting.

When your dog is pointing, the beeper emits either one beep every second or one hawk scream every five seconds, depending on the setting you choose. When you select beeper sounds, the selected sounds are indicated briefly by the status LEDs. The red status LED indicates the hunting sound, and the green status LED indicates the pointing sound.

In The Box

  • Beeper
  • Orange 3/4″ strap
  • Installed and replacable 3v CR123A battery

Learn more about the features of the Garmin Upland Beeper Collar by reading the Owner’s Manual.

Add a different color option by choosing a 3/4″ Universal Replacement Strap (sold separately).

  • Model: GarBeep
  • Product # 010-11964-00
  • Manufactured by: Garmin

  • 8 possible combinations of sounds
  • Waterproof, rugged, compact and lightweight design
  • Superior Audible Range
  • Remote Operation
  • Replaceable 3V Battery
  • Beeper
  • Orange 3/4″ strap