Solid Core Check Cord

Solid Core Check Cord


Proudly Made in the USA

Great value and our best selling check cord!

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The Solid Core Check Cord from Coyote Company Leather is extra stiff and comes in 20 feet and 30 feet lengths and is 3/8 inch in diameter. The solid brass snap is secured with a custom leather sleeve stitched directly to the rope.  The Solid Core Check Cord comes in both white and blaze orange colors.

About Coyote Company Leather

Coyote Company Leather, established in 1996, began as a hobby for its founder, Don Otey. Don has been an avid hunter and dog trainer for over 45 years.

Every Coyote Company Leather product is created with the highest quality features, heavy duty hardware, and professional craftsmanship you’d find in the highest end products but are created for and priced at the budget for every day sportsmen. From trademark lanyards to the simplest o-ring, every detail is created to work well in the field and provide a lifetime of use. Your Coyote Company Leather goods will be working for your grand children some day as good as they do for you today.

Coyote Company Leather is proudly Made in America and purchases only the finest American hides from premium U.S. tanneries. Every stitch in the leatherwork is hand-crafted here at home in the grand tradition that is Texas. Keep this country strong by supporting American businesses.

Solid Core Check Cord Features

  • Solid core adds stiffness
  • Nylon
  • Lengths of 20 feet and 30 feet and is 3/8 inch in diameter
  • Custom leather sleeve stitched directly to the rope secures solid brass snap
  • Colors: white, blaze orange
  • Proudly Made in America


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