Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer


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The Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer allows you to get the most out of every shot.

Work to improve your accuracy with the rugged Xero S1 trapshooting trainer. Designed for trapshooters and upland hunters alike, it’s the first live-fire trainer that provides instant feedback and keeps score for every shot you take. With Xero S1, you can review detailed information, such as shot position and reaction time, immediately after each shot on its 5” color touchscreen display. Use the Xero app to review your shooting scores and performance metrics organized by event, location and station.

Video: How It Works

Video: Set up at the Range

Video: Understanding Your Score and Using the App


Get the Most out of Every Shot

Rugged Design

This is the mobile live-fire trainer that will stand by your side no matter the weather. Xero S1 comes with its own tripod and can also be mounted on any standard tripod. Its water-resistant polycarbonate housing makes it suitable for just about any environment.

Color Touchscreen

Capture every detail of every shot you take, and receive instant feedback on a sunlight-readable 5” color touchscreen that is shooting glove-friendly.

Color Touchscreen
Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer

Immediate Feedback

Know exactly when and how accurately you hit (or missed) the clay. Xero S1 provides immediate feedback for every shot, including shot location relative to clay, how far away the clay was at trigger pull, shot velocity and reaction time.

Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer
Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer

Keep Score

Xero S1 automatically keeps score of every hit and miss. Sync your scores to the Xero app (download free in google play or the apple app store), and review the history of your performance metrics, scores and shooting tendencies based on date or location. This lets you learn exactly how to work to improve your wing or trapshooting ability.

Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer
Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer

Not Just for Trapshooters

Now upland hunters can keep their skills sharp in the off-season. Use the precision of the Xero S1 trapshooting trainer to optimize your shotgun’s performance, help reduce wound loss and improve overall shot placement.

Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer
Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer

Multiple Operation Modes

Different device modes enable Xero S1 to be used for silent data collection in sanctioned shooting events and trap league competitions or offer real-time feedback when you want to practice. You can compete against your friends in the clay challenge game or learn how to optimize your shotgun/choke/shot combination to improve your upland skills.

Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer
Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer

In The Box

  • Xero S1 trapshooting trainer
  • Protective front cover
  • Small tripod mount
  • Anti-glare film
  • AC adapter
  • micro USB 2A charging cable
  • Documentation

Physical & Performance

Physical dimensions7.8″ x 3.6″ x 6.2″ (197.1 x 91.8 x 156.6 mm) without tripod; 7.8″ x 7.5″ x 6.2″ (197.1 x 191.8 x 156.6 mm) with tripod
Display size5″ (12.7 cm) diagonal
Water ratingIPX7
Display resolution800 x 480 pixels
Weight2.13 lbs (966 g) without tripod; 2.25 lbs (1,022 g) with tripod
Display typecolor, capacitive touchscreen, sunlight-visible, WVGA, transmissive
Batteryinternal rechargeable lithium-ion battery; nonreplaceable
Battery lifeUp to 8 rounds (2.5 hours)

Water Rating Information


  • Splashes
  • Rain or snow
  • Showering

  • Swimming
  • Diving into water
  • Snorkeling or Scuba Diving (see product page for more details)
  • High-speed watersports

Maps & Navigation

Memory/History1,000 rounds (including 25,000 GIFs of each shot available through mass storage)

Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer Features

  • Connectivity: BLUETOOTH® technology
  • Mobile app: Xero® app (iPhone®, Android)


  • Trap: practice, league, tournament
  • Upland: custom setup


  • Includes tripod; compatible with any ¼”-20 standard tripod under 4 ft in height

Post Shot Metrics

  • Shot position relative to clay
  • Reaction time
  • Clay break performance
  • Clay distance

Post Round Metrics

  • Scorecard with hit/miss and break factor/upland factor
  • Scorecard with hit/miss and shot position
  • Scorecard with hit/miss, clay angle and distance

Trap Types Supported

  • ATA singles and ATA handicap (no doubles)

Shooting Statistics (available in the Xero App)

  • Lifetime shooting data that can be filtered by a variety of characteristics, such as event, ammunition material, shot size, etc.
  • Scores over time
  • Average reaction time
  • Average station scores
  • Shot position by station for hits and misses
  • Shot position by clay angle for hits and misses
  • Total targets and hit percentage by clay angle
  • Break type by clay distance
  • Warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase


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What Clay Launchers or Throwers Work with the Xero S1

The Xero S1 will only work with electronic clay launchers or throwers. Additionally, electronic clay launchers cannot be set to launch automatically as you must wait for the Xero S1 to show as ready before launching the next clay.

Hand throwers or spring loaded clay launchers do not launch the clay consistently enough.

The Trap Mode alignment page is setup for Amateur Trap Association (ATA) fields. It will not work correctly for Olympic Trap fields.

The Xero S1 is capable of tracking clay targets at up to 65 mph.

Xero S1 Battery Information and Charging Recommendations

The Xero S1 is expected to last 8 rounds in Trap or Upland Mode at 25 shots per round. A full charge should last about 2.5 hours depending on various factors like shooting alone or as a group. It has a built-in battery save feature, a screen timeout after 5 minutes of inactivity during a round. Just tap the screen to resume. If you are not in a round the Xero S1 will power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The unit uses the most power waiting or processing shots because the radar is running. Completing the round quickly will help prolong the battery life. Reviewing scorecards and adjusting settings while outside a round uses very little power.

It is recommended to use the 2 Amp AC Charger and micro USB cable that come with the Xero S1 at temperatures from 45ºF to 109°F. It charges more efficiently when powered off. Using the provided chargers will take approximately 3 hours to fully re-charge the battery.

Note: When the device is fully charged, the status light on the Xero S1 will go out.