Mud River Memory Foam Lounge Cushion

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The Memory Foam Lounge Cushion with orthopedic memory foam is a great option – especially after a day in the field.  For young dogs, having a soft and comfortable area to rest is important for preventing problems later in life, such as arthritis.  This crate mat or lounge cushion is the perfect place for your dog to rest.

The brown fleece exterior of the Mud River Memory Foam Lounge Cushion makes this product cozy, while the memory foam interior provides important orthopedic benefits for stiff and sore joints.  The canvas bottom of this lounge cushion is durable.  With 2’’ thickness, your dog’s bones and joints will never feel the floor or kennel bottom with this lounge cushion. You ask your dog to do a lot; repay him or her with a luxurious comfort at the end of the day.

Mud River Memory Foam Lounge Cushion Features:

  • 2″ Thickness
  • Provides additional support and comfort for the dog’s muscles and joints, along with better weight distribution when your dog is at rest.
  • Ripstop cover repels water and is removable for easy clean-up
  • Can also be used as a travel bed
  • Ideal for portable kennel
  • Canvas bottom
  • Fleece exterior
  • Memory foam interior
  • Orange and Brown
  • Small:  24’’ x 16’’ x 2.0’’
  • Medium/Large:  30’’ x  18’’ x 2.0’’
  • Extra Large/Jumbo:  32’’ x 22’’ x 2.0’