ToughOne One-Piece Roto Molded Construction

Ruff Land™ kennels feature one-piece roto molded kennel construction from UV-stabilized polyethylene. This means no assembly and no bolt-through ledge (as on a two-piece dog kennel) which saves up to 3 inches of side space. It also makes for a much stronger kennel kennel. And, because there are no seams, it is also much easier to clean. Finally, a Ruff Land kennel won’t crack even in extreme subzero weather.


Race Car-Inspired Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation Technology

It’s an unfortunate fact that too many dogs are injured or killed every year in vehicle accidents. The truth is, traditional dog kennels are simply not designed to protect their four-legged passengers. Ruff Land kennels feature race car-inspired Ruff-Flex™ Energy Dissipation Technology, a series of design elements that dramatically improve the odds of your dog surviving an accident.

Here’s how it works:

Most kennels are simply not strong enough to protect your dog in an impact situation. Ruff Land’s one-piece roto molded kennel construction is extremely strong. The walls, top and floor on Ruff Land Kennels also have built-in flexibility which absorbs energy that would otherwise be transferred to your dog. This is where the “stiff”, two-walled plastic kennels, which claim to be safer, fail. They may not break, but when your dog hits the side of the kennel, there is no give like there is with a Ruff Land. The raised floor in a Ruff Land also serves to provide both strength and cushion as does the designed-in body crease around the middle of the kennel. Likewise, the composite doors on a Ruff Land kennel are remarkably strong and designed to absorb energy. Plus, they feature six locking lugs where other kennels have no more than four. Then there are the all-important heavy-duty tie-downs which you should always use. If your kennel is connected to your truck it can take advantage of your truck absorbing impact energy. But only if the tie downs are designed properly. Ruff Land tie downs are designed like the driver retention devices on a race car.

New Generation II Design – Gen II kennels are made with all new molds enabling some design refinements to the kennels. Most notably, all kennels now include handles that are recessed for stacking and accessorizing. Fit and finish is also much more uniform. We now offer a wider variety of accessories many of which will be specifically designed to fit the various size kennels. Rest assured all Gen II kennels will stack and couple with previous versions. Finally, we are also introducing a new standard color, Millstone!

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Lead Time: Our anticipated lead time is up to 4 weeks. However, processes are continually improving and we are seeing many orders ship even sooner.  Ruff Land Kennels products ship direct from the manufacturer so that Front Range Gun Dog can deliver the best pricing for our customers.
  • email if you do not see your desired kennel variation.