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Acme Thunderer 59.5 Whistle Polished Brass

Earn $0.30 in Front Range Cash

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Listen to the Acme Thunderer 59.5 Whistle Polished Brass


The Acme Thunderer 59.5 Whistle is made from Polished Brass. A medium sized pea whistle with a high pitch and far reaching tone is popular among gun dog trainers, hunters and field trialers.


  • Polished Brass Construction
  • Cork Pea
  • Brass Plated Ring
  • Size: Overall length approx. 2  2/16″ x drum width 15/16″ x tapered mouth 1/2″


A Century Of Innovation

In every one of its 15 decades, so far, ACME has invented and patented a new and unique whistle that has continued to move the industry forward. From the first sports referee whistle in 1884 to the Hellova Safety whistle in 2014, ACME remains unequalled in any field you choose.

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