CCi .22 Short Blanks


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The CCi .22 Short Blanks (100 count) have a medium loud report that makes them perfect for training with live birds. We recommend the CCi .22 Short Blanks for use in the Charter Arms PRO .22 blank pistol.  It is always best to introduce the gun to a dog after they have developed a desire for birds and are fully engaged in bird work at the time of firing a blank round.  Training efficiency is greatly improved through the use of a Dogtra Bird Launcher.  Bird Launchers help produce repeatable controlled training for young dogs.  It is recommended that the dog experience several launcher sessions prior to introduction to the blank rounds.  Once your dog is fully engaged in the process of training with wild birds, they are less likely to become gun shy and are more likely to associate the sounds with positive reinforcement such as bird activity.  It is not recommended to randomly discharge a blank round in the presence of a young dog that is not fully engaged in live bird work.

-100 rounds/box



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