Kangaroo Leather Double Lanyard | Chocolate-Tan


Proudly Made in the USA



The Kangaroo Leather Double Lanyard is hand woven from both chocolate and tan colored kangaroo leather.  This lanyard is crafted by hand weaving eight 1/8″ wide strips of Kangaroo Leather around a 3/16″ diameter nylon rope core.  The rope core creates stability and uniformity to produce an eye catching tight round braid.

A round center braided slide moves up and down the lanyard to ensure a desired fit.  Adjustment of the center braided knot allows for the two ends to be positioned even or offset.  The lanyard measures approximately 22″ long with the two ends positioned even.

Two braided knots above the heavy duty swivel snaps are stationary.  The barrel swivel comes in both nickel and brass finish.  The snaps are made of nickel plated steel for maximum strength to secure your whistles.

The Kangaroo Leather Double Lanyard Features:

  • Strong kangaroo leather has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide
  • 50% stronger than goatskin
  • 8 woven strands around 3/16″ diameter nylon rope core creates stability and uniformity
  • Braid diameter is approximately 5/16″
  • Becomes buttery soft with use
  • Stays strong and supple over the years
  • Conditioned with bees wax and Mermac Mink Oil to ensure an even braid and ease of slide
  • Hand crafted in the USA by an Artist with over 30 years of braiding experience

Why use Kangaroo Leather?

The collagen fibre bundles in cattle hide are arranged in a complex weaving pattern and are often at angles as much as 90 degrees to the skin surface. Cattle hide also contains sweat glands, erector pili muscles and a distinct gradation in elastin levels, concentrated in the upper part of the skin. Kangaroo hide on the other hand has been shown to have a highly uniform orientation of fibre bundles in parallel with the skin surface. It does not contain sweat glands or erector pili muscles and elastin is evenly distributed throughout the skin thickness. This structural uniformity explains both the greater tensile strength of the whole leather and the greater retention of strength in splits.  Kangaroo leather is lighter and stronger than the hide of a cow or goat.


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